Rideau Forest

Becoming part of the Rideau Forest community is a vastly different experience from any home purchase you have ever made before. With most new homes, your choices of design, floor plan, finishes and landscaping are very limited.

When you choose your property in Rideau Forest, this is just the first of many choices you will make from a virtually endless list of possibilities. In the Rideau Forest, you are free to select the builder, architect and plan of your choice, then build the home that is exactly what you have dreamed of, down to the last tile, paint finish, shrub and door handle.

While the style of your home is entirely up to you, Rideau Forest does mandate a few covenants to protect the overall integrity of the community. These include a floor plan of at least 2,500 square feet, and a façade of stone, brick or stucco. A complete list of covenants is available here.


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